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By Plane


Chişinău International Airport  is served by many airlines like AirBaltic , Air Moldova , Austrian , Lufthansa , Moldavian Airlines , Tarom , Turkish Airlines , WizzAir . Ukrainian International Airlines and S7 Aircompany with flights around the Europe and Asia, notably to Athens, Bucharest, Budapest, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kiev, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Riga, Rome, Timisoara, Vienna, Vilnius, Saint Petersburg, Varna, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Bologna, and Surgut. From November 2013, FlyDubai will operate direct flights twice weekly to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

There are three taxi companies which operate at the airport. The fixed fares range from about 80 to 120 MDL depending on which sector of the city you are going. As of Jun 2018, there is a taxi stand at the airport offering fixed rates, the lady running the stand speaks English. Note that the rates posted are only a general suggestion, and you pay the metered fare to the driver. The fare should be no more than 120 lei to any destination in Chisinau.

The cheaper alternative is to take minibus № 165 which takes you through Botanica to the center, Izmail street. Tickets cost 3 lei; luggage will cost you another ticket. The minibuses are white vans leaving from the airport parking lot. If you leave the airport building from the arrivals area, turn right and walk towards the end of the building. The buses are marked with the number 165 on a sign behind the windshield and you can flag one down passing you, or walk up to the ones still parking. Don't open the sliding door even though you have luggage; for some reason they always use the co-drivers door to get on and off. There is also a trolleybus line no. 30 that costs 2 MDL and gets you right in the centre.

The money exchange counter at the airport will give you less than a third of what your money is worth.

By train


There is one Central Railway Station which recently been refurbished and has all necessary facilities. The main hall has a board of arrivals and departures plus an ATM which accepts foreign cards and providing both Euro and Moldavian Leu. An other ATM is located in the right side of the station sided with an exchange office. Next to the main hall there is a manned luggage storage office which works 24 hours with very low prices. Also international ticket counters are all accepting foreign credit or debit cards(April 2016). The trains depart to Europe through Romania and to CIS (Community of Independent States); especially to Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia.

The most popular routes include:

* Train 105Ь/106Ь from Bucharest, daily overnight trains leave Gara de Nord.

* Daily departure to Moscow via Kiev.

*Another useful route is from Warsaw, departing every second day taking two nights (38 h). Chişinău is also has frequent departures for Moscow and . Several cities in Ukraine also have daily connections.

For more detail, check the 'Calea Ferata Moldova(CFM)' - Moldovan Railways website

By Bus


Note that Chişinău has three bus stations - the central one (serving mainly in-country destinations), Gara de Nord (for in-country destinations on the northern part of the country like Sorocca, Rezina, Ocnita, for travel to Odessa, Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine) and the larger Gara de Sud (for in-country destinations in the southern part of the country like Comrat, Cahul and for journeys to Romania). Gara de Sud is further out from the center - about 5km. You can reach Gara de Sud from central Chişinău on rutieră (minibus) number 120, 124, 180 or 192 for 3 lei. Gara Nord is served by rutieră 163 and trolleybus #9, along with a bunch of others.  

There are several buses throughout the day from Bucharest, Odessa, Iasi, Chernivtsi, and Lviv. The journey to/from Odessa takes around five hours and costs around $10 US. Most Odessa-bound buses go through southern Moldova, avoiding the Transnistrian region - these will be marked as going through Palanka or Causeni. The journey to Iasi is three and a half hours long, with travel on to Brasov(price to Iasi:100 lei). There are many buses and rutierele headed to Bender and Tiraspol in Transnistria, from Central Bus Station:about one every forty minutes. 37 lei for a 2 hour journey to Tiraspol, 70 lei for a 90 minute journey to get back.

get Around


There are 40 taxi services operating throughout the city and its suburbs. Call 14222, 14333, 14444, 14747, 14448 or other 14xxx numbers to get a taxi. Best way of ordering a taxi would be by using Yandex taxi and itaxi mobile programs.

It is highly recommendable as a non Russian or Romanian speaking person, to have a local person/hotel or restaurant call your taxi, as few Taxi drivers speak proper English. In case you need a receipt for your travel, you need to ask for this specifically when ordering. Also payment by credit card is impossible.

As of Jun 2018 all taxis charge by meter, so there is no need in negotiation. Many are using "electronic meters" in form of cell phone application, which cannot produce printed receipts. 

Please remember to bring small bills, as sometimes they will not be "able" to give back on anything larger than 50 bills, but this is rare. Average prices vary across company/individual taxi driver, and it is fairly inconsistent. Expect prices between 30-60 for shorter rides and 50-150 Lei for longer rides. From Malldova to Airport the prices vary and should be expected to be around 80-130 Lei.

Pay good attention to the traffic as a pedestrian, as the driving skills are rather poor combined with the fact that no one really follows normal traffic laws. Accidents are often occuring, and pedestrians should be very careful in terms of crossing streets and especially avoid the rutierele.


Dont afraid to use public transport in Chisinau. Buses and trolleybuses run very frequently and they are very cheap(2MDL for trolleybuses). A common route is from the railway station towards down town where government buildings, the Arc de Triump and Stefan del Mare park are located. Simply exit from the train station and go straight to the central road. A bus stop is located to your left and Trolleybuses 28,08 and 04 or Bus 03,22(between others) will take you apx in six stops to down town. Simply disembark after passing the Park to the next stop, which is State Opera directly located sided to the park. The buses and trolleybuses stop in all stops and have conductor on board where you can buy your ticket. In the return simply stand in the main road, after or before the park, and better take trolleybus 28 or bus 3. Trolleybus 28 in the return from down town makes a detour passing in front of the War Museum in case you want to visit it before you return to the train station.

Do not expect any driver or conductor in the public transport to speak any English. The stops are not announced at all, so you either need to know where are you going by looks, or have a GPS map which would show you're nearby.

Closest Landmarks *

  • Central market
    0.5 km
  • Chisinau Town Hall
    1.4 km
  • Birth of Christ Cathedral
    1.5 km
  • The Triumphal Arch Chisinau
    1.6 km
  • National Museum of Archeology and History of Moldova
    1.8 km
  • Cathedral Park
    1.8 km
  • Moldova State University
    1.9 km
  • National Opera and Ballet Theater
    1.9 km
  • Stefan The Great City Park
    2 km
  • Dendrarium Botanical Garden Chisinau
    3.4 km

Restaurants & Markets *

  • Jirraffe Restaurant
    0.1 km
  • Cherry Cafe/Bar
    0.3 km
  • Fidesco Supermarket
    0.4 km
  • Central Market Market
    0.5 km

Closest Airports *

  • Chișinău International Airport
    11.6 km
  • Iași International Airport
    94.9 km

To Hotel


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